Tubular screw feeders are used in chemical fields

- Aug 24, 2019-

For example , screw diameter is 300mm, outer pipe dimension is 325mm *6mm,inner shaft size is 114mm *5mm. Its capacity is 7.5 tons per hour. The screw feeder can be rotates reversely. Feeding inlet is in the middle section ,then discharge materials at both ends. This screw feeder is used to transport solid sodium chlorate,temperature si 40 centi degree, with 3% water, bulk density is 1g/cm3.


Due to sodium chlorate is high corrosive, so screw feeder need be made of stainless steel 316L. Moreover ,we choose to make inner shaft be polished,so as to ensure sodium chlorate solids will be transported well inside tubular screw feeders.

The tubular screw feeder’s bearing is NSK brand or SKF brand ,which depends on the request of clients. Motor & gearbox is Germany SEW brand or Chinese reliable brand. All tubular screw feeders are with anchor bolts.

Considering the sodium chlorate is easy to be explode,the motor must be dust-explosive proof type . In such case, the motor’s explosive proof class is EXTD B21,T135,IP65.