Twin screw conveyor’s bright points structure

- Jan 09, 2018-

Twin screw conveyors have obvious difference from other common screw conveyors.The difference is : 1.There exist 2 pieces of screw shafts inside the trough,one is left direction,the other is right direction.When twin screw conveyor convey materials,the 2 pieces of screw shafts are rotated by the sprocket which is at the end of shafts while screw conveyor ‘s rotation,so as to push materials to make axial movement,then reach the conveying requirements.

From structure,twin screw conveyor’s shaft ,hanger bearing,head shaft and tail shaft are used flush bonding technology,so we do not need to move the screw shaft during installation and dismantling.Twin screw conveyor is very easy to maintain,long shaft,few hanger bearing and few shortcomings,etc.

Meanwhile,twin screw conveyors adopts variable diameter which increase effectively the volume on hanger bearing part,so as to avoid the banger bearing to touch the materials,and prolonging the life of the hanging bearing.Twin screw conveyors’ each rotation parts are subject to the floating connection,hanger bearing with universal structure, which make screw,hanger bearing and tail part as a complete floating structure.It can convey materials automatically,no blocking,no jamming.

Besides,twin screw conveyors’ head and tail bearing house are designed outside the conveyor casing,all bearings are used sealing box with multiple layers with advancing sealing technology.Bearings are long operating life.By comparing with other conveying equipment,twin screw conveyors are with sectional dimensions,good sealing,reliable operating ,multiple feeding points and multiple discharging points,safe operation and easy for maintenance . 

With the above advantages,twin screw conveyor become the continuous conveying equipment in metallurgy,construction,chemical,food and other machining field.When materials are fed into the twin screw conveyor from inlet,materials are rotating with screw shaft and under pressure from screw flight’s opposite push force.The screw flight’s opposite push force can take materials to rotate around the screw shaft.Due to materials has itself weight and some friction from the trough,it will not rotate with screw flight together.However,screw flights are moved towards the trough and the shaft under the opposite push force of screw flights.