Types on airlock rotary valve

- Apr 02, 2020-

First,let us know the name on airlock rotary valve . It is hard to give a specific time that rotary valve is called star shape feeding machine and airlock rotary valve . For example, some people called it by airlock rotary valve, lock valve, rotary valve, discharged rotary valve,other people called it by star shape feeding machine,small rotary feeder,etc. For us ,we often called it by rotary feeders. 

Next, let us see the structure and working principle on airlock rotary valve.All rotary valve with airlock ‘s structure are made of various of rotors + blades +shell + sealing pieces+ gear reducer + motors,etc.

Certainly most rotary valve with airlock has same structure,working principle and application, but there exist some micro difference. Now we will discuss the micro difference as below ,may be helpful for you to choose rotary valve with airlock.

Common rotary valve (star shape discharge feeder ) :


Update grading rotary valve with airlock:


From the above two pictures,star shape discharge feeder is made by welding while rotary valve with airlock are casting iron.

2.Driving ways : we can find star shape discharge feeder is direct connection while rotary valve with airlock is chain connection. 

The advantage on chain driving is that can transfer the movement and power if the two center axis are far, and can work under the low speed, heavy duty, high temperature to work ,can ensure the correct transmission ratio,bigger motor power and high efficiency.

The advantage on direct connection is that can ensure the fixed instantaneous transmission, stable and reliable. There are much space for direction connection on transmission power and speed .Compact structure, high efficiency and long time for use. 

In my view, the chain connection has much popular than direct connection . Because we can adjust the chain and sprocket to control the feed rate. www.wxconveyor.com