U shape Double shaftless screw conveyors applied in medicine fields

- Nov 21, 2018-

It is very common to see some twin shafted screw conveyors applied in conveying for powder,particle and granules .For shaftless screw conveyor, most  time it is a single shaftless flight in the trough .and the single shaftless screw conveyor is used to transprot materials which are poor flowability ,sticky or pasty. As there exist twin shafted screw conveyors ? Why do not have twin shaftless screw conveyros ? Today we introduce the u shape double shaftless screw conveyors to transport filter cakes to you .

Workers are welding on double twin shaftless screw conveyors’ shell.


Each welding seam will be made by pickling and passivation.


Due to filter cakes are corrosion ,all contacted materials parts are  stainless steel 304 with polished .


A regular technical data form on twin shaftless screw conveyors are for a reference :

Technical data form

Screw Diameter

300 mm

Geared motor

R107,20 RPM

Screw Pitch

300 mm


4kw * 2 sets of motors,motor is frequency type


Filter cakes

Protection class


Subtance bulk density


Insulation grade


Feed rate

12.8m3/h (7t/h)




0 degree,horizotal transporting

Speed on screw shaft

 10 rpm

Filling factor


Construction amterials

All contacted materials parts are stainless steel

Surface treatment

All contacted materials parts are polished by 200 meshes,other parts are pickling and passivation.

The above datas in the technical data form are not fixed .We can design the suitable conveyors for you as per your request .http://www.wxconveyor.com/