U shape screw diameter 400mm twin shafts conveyors application in the market

- Mar 17, 2020-

U shape twin shafts screw conveyors are used to transport sands,oil sludge,kitchen waste. The screw blade’s worn out has relationship with the transported products. If twin shafts screw conveyors are used to transport rockwools,fibers which have strong abrasive ability ,the screw blade will be worn out soon. Thus,we need choose the suitable screw blade subject to the feature of transported products. If transported products are high abrasive, the screw blade thickness must be more thicker.

For the above example screw conveyor ,the center distance between inlet and outlet is 8.5m. Manufacturing time is short,delivery time is fast.Also can make the incline twin shafts screw conveyor .faster feeding speed increase the capacity and creates profits.www.wxconveyor.com