U trough screw conveyor and chain plate conveyor are used together in food industry

- Dec 26, 2018-

Recently Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company are busy to making conveying equipment for crushed tea leaves.

Among of conveying equipment,screw conveyors are made of stainless steel 304 which is food grade .Chain plate conveyors are used to transport the tea leaves waste,so chain plate conveyor are made of carbon steel plate with environmental painting.

Chain plate conveyor is flexible than screw conveyor .Because chain plate conveyor combines vertical and horizontal transportation.But screw conveyor is only can horizontal ,incline and vertical transportation. At this time,we can use screw conveyor + chain plate conveyor in a conveying system in order to save space and cost.

A sketch on chain plate conveyor : L type : transported materials from horizontal +incline ;


A sketch on chain plate conveyor : horizontal type : transported materials horizontally


A sketch on chain plate conveyor : 3D type : transported materials from lower horizontal + vertical height +upper horizontal .There exist C shape,S shape,Z shape of chain plate conveyor.

Any of transportating is ensured good sealing and few materials leakage during transporting.There exist cleaning port at the lower horizontal section. It is very easy to maintain and clean .

Some photos about chain plate conveyors are as below :


For screw conveyors,there are horizontal ,incline and vertical type.