Usage and characteristics on vibrating feeder

- Mar 04, 2021-

Vibrating feeder is divided into : connecting rod type, electromagnetic and inertial-type. ①Flexible spring connecting rod is consisted of eccentric shaft,connection rod, spring and chute,etc . The eccentric shaft’s rotating on the top which can make reciprocating motion which can stir up the chute to make the directional vibration. These actions can make materials move forward continuously. Usually we use the low frequency,big amplitude or middle frequency and middle amplitude. ② Electromagnetic type which is made up of iron core,wire circle, armature and chutes,etc. Then the power is on ,the current get through the wire circle, there will cause  a attraction force which is from the changes of period,so as to stir up the vibrating . Most common use the high frequency and small amplitude.③Inertial type which is consisted of eccentric block,main shaft and chutes. When the eccentric block working and rotating ,it can produce the centrifugal inertia force to stir up the chute vibrating. Usually we use the middle frequency and middle amplitude. The vibrating feeder adopts the vibrating motor as the excellent vibrating power source,push materials forward when being thrown up .In this way, it can reach the aim of transporting.The vibrating feeder structure can be divided into open and closed type .The conveying type can be divided into chute or tube . Motor position can installed on the top or the bottom or the side .