Usage and Maintainance for day to day on drag chain conveyors

- Sep 20, 2018-

Before start the drag chain conveyor,the working staff must check the tension on chains .Because the gap between chutes will become small as working day to day.If chain is loose,there will happen accident ,such as chain blocked,chain jumping,chain breakage and chain dropping and other accident.During checking,make the drag chain conveyor run reversely and calculate the loosen chain ring.If found any chain rings about two or two above are loosen,please tight the chains up again.

Meanwhile,working staff also need pay attention to the working surface shall be in one horizontal level .Otherwise,it will cause two chains with different tension force which will make chains worn out or dropping chains ,blocking or broken chains.In addition,adjust the bend section into a suitable position.Do not appear “sharp bend”.Shall make the bend section is equal to or more than eight parts’ chute.Pay attention to push the bend section with lifting jack so as to avoid any sharp bend.

Moreover,drag chain conveyor should install at the flat working ground.Considering the limits of chute structure,it is only suitable the change in vertical direction by 3’-5’.Therefore,shall make the working surface to be flat if necessary.The flatting surface is helpful for drag chain conveyors’ operation .In this way,it can reduce the power consumption and the worn speed on chutes.