Using Specification on buried scraper conveyor

- Feb 26, 2019-

During operation of buried scraper conveyor,operator should inspect each component of machine,especially for the scrpaers,chains,driving device that must be in good condition. Once any damage or broken parts,must repair or replace in time. Must operate without loading materials for each start up. When the equipment operate normally,feeding materials into the buried scraper conveyor evenly. Must keep feeding materials evenly .Do not increase feeding capacity suddenly or overloading during conveying materials.

If there is no special requirements,buried scraper conveyor do not stop with loading materials. Usually the buried sraper conveyor shall stop after discharging all materials inside the trough. If any start up with emergency during loading full materials ,must jog for many times or discharge all materials inside the trough.

If there exist many sets of buried scraper conveyors to make up of a flowline,must start up from the last one,then start up the machine from the back to the front step by step.If stop machine ,the sequence should be opposite to starting sequence. Also can use electrical interlock control.During conveying process,do  not feed any iron pieces,big hard components ,other foreign goods ,etc into the buried scraper conveyors so as to prevent conveyors from damage.

Meanwhile,pay attention to keep enough lubrication between bearings and drive parts. However,also be careful for scrapers,chains,support legs,head sprocket,guide roller which can not be painted the lubrication. Usually, make a small maintainance for one quarter.Check and maintain for most parts by half of year. Check and Maintain for each  parts by 2 years. Must remove all components on buried scraper conveyors and replace the wear parts. Motors ,gearbox shall maintain as per their technical