Vertical and horizontal screw conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

Vertical Screw Conveyor

The speed of the helix of the vertical screw conveyor is higher than that of the ordinary screw conveyor, and the added material, under the action of centrifugal force, creates friction with the casing, which prevents the material from rotating with the helical blades and overcomes the gravity of the material descent, thus realizing the vertical conveying of the material. This machine has small conveying capacity, small conveying height, high rotational speed and large energy consumption. Especially suitable for conveying good fluidity of powder granular materials, mainly used for lifting materials, lifting height is generally not greater than 8 meters.

Horizontal Screw Conveyor

When the material is added to a fixed slot, as the material's gravity and its friction with the slot, the material piled in the lower part of the machine Groove does not rotate with the helicoid, but moves forward only under the rotating helical blades, as the rotating screw rotates the nut as it moves, and achieves the purpose of conveying the material. The machine is convenient for loading and discharging, and can complete mixing, stirring or cooling function at the same time during conveying. Sensitive to overload, easy to plug, crushing loss on materials, the structure of horizontal screw conveyor is simple, easy to install and repair, and fault treatment. Suitable for horizontal or micro-tilt (20º below) continuously evenly conveying loose material, working environment temperature is -20-+40℃, conveying material temperature is -20-+80℃. Its rotational speed relative to vertical conveying confidential, mainly used for horizontal or small angle conveying materials, conveying distance is generally not greater than 70 meters.