Vertical Arch-breaker for transporting Granular protein powder

- Nov 07, 2019-

It is very common that meraials are bridging and caking during storage. Materials are pressed each other under the effect of gravity ,or poor flowability which will cause arch issues. As long as the arch issue appear ,materials can not go through smoothly and normally because it will affect the flow process of production . Besides, long term arching will cause materials being mildew so as to affect the quality safety. Previously use the rubber hammer to hit the shell whose inside is arching when materials are arching. But this way will cause shell deformation. Worse still ,the deformation will cause more arching issues which is bad for equipments lifetime as well as affect the production effectiveness.

At the time of China International Import Expo in 2019, we recommend a new machine which can solve the arching issues sucessfully . The new machine is : vertical arch -breaker.The feeding inlet is at the top of machine ,the discharging outlet is at the bottom . In the center of machine shell, there set up a rotating shaft which connect the drive motor . The rotating shaft is vertical ,its outer circumference are round bar or rod. There set up lots of material column at each round bar.

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Regularly technical form on vertical arch-breaker :


Capacity (m3/hour)

Transpoted materials name

Bulk density (kg/m3)

Motor power (kw)



Protein powder





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