Vertical bucket elevator’s improving on protection and operation system

- Dec 25, 2017-

Vertical bucket elevator is one of the elevators .Its obvious feature is with many protection devices .Such as over voltage protection reply on brake oil pressure ,fixed brake pressure relay,loss of current protection relay,overcoil switch device,brake shoe wear switch device ,etc .

With the improving protection systems,vertical bucket elevator can work high efficiently in transporting powder,small granules and other small lump materials .Vertical bucket elevator is mainly used to transport and hoist some crushed materials ,such as calcium lime,coal,gypsum,chamotte,dry clay and other small lump powder materials as well as those raw materials,cement,coal powders.

Vertical bucket elevator uses centrifugal way &gravitational way to discharge materials,suitable for transporting lumps and powder materials.Meanwhile, its drag component have ring chain,flat chain and belt type.Certainly it has some requirements on the drag components ,so as to ensure the conveying work to be done smoothly.

After completed in installation of vertical bucket elevator on site ,you can make test without loading materials.Before running,must jog the button and chains must run two periods at least,no collision or abnormal noise,then can make test without loading materials continuously.During this process ,need measure and make records on the current on main motor,voltage,etc.And also measure the rising temperature on bearings inside the gearbox,tail & head bearing ,etc.

After running successfully test without loading materials,we can say this bucket elevator is with ability of loading materials.Check about the connection with other equipment and confirm no problems on connection,then can make the vertical bucket elevator run with materials.However,must pay attention to the vertical bucket elevator’s loading materials running capacity must be from small to big,increased the capacity gradually.And pay more attention to each component’s working  on bucket elevator.