Vertical screw conveyor delivery

- Jan 23, 2018-

The vertical screw conveyor utilizes the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed spiral in the vertical circular shell to overcome the friction between the material and the screw surface and the downward spiral force due to the weight of the material by means of the friction between the material and the shell , The material to enhance the transport machinery. Simple to understand, it is a use of forced feeding screw rotation and conveying material to enhance the continuous conveyor equipment.


Normally, the vertical screw conveyor is mainly used for the transportation of powder or small pieces of granular materials such as flour, cereal, cement, fertilizer, ash, sand, stones, pulverized coal and lump coal; Chemical, mining, machinery manufacturing, coal ash, food, food, and other industries have basically covered.


For different materials, the choice of vertical screw conveyor models are not the same, of which the food industry are generally required for stainless steel vertical screw conveyor, the material requirements of more stringent, other industries according to the needs of selection. For some winding materials, multi-use shaftless vertical screw conveyor, which can effectively reduce the material wound on the spindle, the delivery of a larger amount.


The vertical screw conveyor that generates the transport effect by rotation can deliver in three ways. One is the gravity sliding method. The vertical screw conveyor delivered in this way has a fill factor of less than 0.5, but the material is loose Free rolling state, less subject to extrusion, suitable for easy caking, grinding of large materials.


The other is the push method. This method is suitable for discharging the screw at the bottom of the bin. The material is often filled with spirals. The static pressure of the granular material is large. The gravity of each material itself is much smaller than other forces. Then under the action of the screw can make the nut move along the axial direction, the bottom of the warehouse discharge screw often use variable pitch spiral, larger pitch at the exit.


In addition, the vertical screw conveyor can be completed by centrifugal induction method of delivery, most of this way for the vertical gradient steep vertical screw conveyor, or any high speed conveyor, the working characteristics of the material filling The amount of between two, at high helical speed, loose material by the role of centrifugal force than gravity and other external forces.