Vertical vibration conveyor drive and main features

- May 22, 2018-

The vertical vibrating conveyor is a new type of conveying equipment, which can carry all the granular, powdery and bulky solid materials with low viscosity during operation. In the process of use, it is widely used in the promotion of block, powder and short fibrous solid materials in its chemical, rubber, metallurgy, machinery, electricity, food, food, medicine and other industries. At the same time, materials can also be dried and cooled.

Main features of vertical vibration conveyor

1. The vertical vibration conveyor has a small footprint and facilitates process layout.

2. The material of the vertically vibrating conveyor can be conveyed upwards and can also be conveyed downwards.

3. The vertical vibration conveyor has low noise, simple structure, and convenient installation and maintenance.

4. The structure of the vertical vibration conveyor is simple and reasonable, with low energy consumption.


Vertical vibration conveyor drive


The vertical vibrating conveyor drive device is mainly installed in the lower part of the conveyor tower. When it is in use, the two vibrating motors are installed symmetrically and cross-mounted. In use, the conveyor tower is directly connected to the pipe body and welded around the pipe body. The spiral conveying trough is composed of a transmission tower seat on a vibration damping device, and the vibration damping device is composed of a base and a vibration isolation spring when used.


In the process of working, vertical vibrating conveyors will be effective to a certain extent according to the principle of automatic synchronization of their dual vibrating motors. During operation, vibrating motors are mainly used to generate vibratory forces, and to a certain extent, the whole tower is forced. For the compound vibratory motions of its horizontal circular motion and upward vertical motion, the material in the spiral groove is subjected to the action of the trough, which performs a uniform speed throwing round motion and moves upward along the trough body, thereby completing the upward (or downward) conveyance of the material. operation.


The vertical vibration conveyor is mainly used for powder, granular, and bulk materials that are vertically conveyed below 50 mm in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, machinery, food, etc., and can also be used for conveying under continuous supply conditions. Rolling lumps can be used for bucket elevators, inclined belt conveyors, etc.