Vibrating Conveyor’s application and feature

- Jul 16, 2020-

Vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibration exciter to vibrate the trough shell ,so that the materials in the trough can move or throw materials in a certain direction . Application:  vibrating conveyor is extensively applied in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry , provisions’s powder and particles’ transporting. Vibrating conveyor can be divided into following types : ①Elastic connection rod type . It is made up of eccentric shaft,connection rod,spring of connection rod and chutes;②Electromagnetic which is made up of iron core, coil, armature and trough, etc.③Inertial which is consisted of eccentric block, main shaft, trough ,etc. The centrifugal inertia force generated as the eccentric block rotated to stimulate the trough vibrating . Feature : Simple structure, easy to install and maintain ,low consumption, no dust spil over and low noise.

Photos on vibrating conveyor :