Vibration conveyor structure and vibration frequency

- Apr 03, 2018-

The vibration frequency of the vibrating conveyor in the process of operation is mainly determined by the speed of the excitation motor. The spiral vertical conveyor can also use the exciter, which requires a certain degree of vertical excitation and winding. The vertical axis of the excitation torque to achieve the vertical vibration of the spiral groove and the torsion vibration around the axis, the material is continuously sent upward along the spiral groove.

Vibration conveyor structure

1. Conveyor and balance chassis

The main components of the equipment system in balancing the undercarriage and the conveying trough in the vibrating conveyor are the trough body conveying materials. The bottom chassis mainly balances the inertia force of the trough body and reduces the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation.

2. Exciter

The exciter of the vibrating conveyor is the power source of the vibrating conveyor and the exciting force that generates periodical changes, so that the trough and the balance chassis generate continuous vibration components, which can be divided into mechanical, electromagnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic Types and other types. The magnitude of its excitation force directly affects the amplitude of the trough.

3 main vibration spring and isolation spring

The vibration isolation spring and the main vibration spring of the vibration conveyor are elastic elements in the vibration conveyor system. In the process of operation, the main effect is that the main vibration spring supports the trough, which is usually installed obliquely, and the inclined angle is ß (vibration). The role of the angle is to make the vibrating conveyor have a suitable near resonance working point, which facilitates the mutual transformation of kinetic energy and potential energy of the system and effectively uses the vibration energy. The role of isolation springs: support, and can reduce the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation or structure.