Washer Screw Conveyors’ Application in life

- Apr 14, 2019-


Specifications :

Type : Screw feeders with hoppers

Size : 6500*1600*2200 (mm)

Conveying Medium :

Ø  Medium :crushed chip of biomass

Ø  Medium particle size : powder and fiber,ø1mm *5-20mml length

Ø  Particle temp.35.6 degree C

Ø  Repose Angle :600

Ø  Particle Moisture :60% ~75%

Ø  Water absorption : Yes,80% (Max moisture contents )

Ø  Abrasiveness :Yes

Ø  Adhesiveness : Yes

Ø  Bulk density for volumetric design : 0.21t/m3; for loading design : 0.5t/m3


Duty :Continuous

Conveying capacity : 6.3t/h-Crushed chip of Biomass at inlet

Water spray :8.4t/h

Screw feeder diameter : 580mm to 650mm

Rotation direction : forward and reverse


Volts./Phase/Hz :380/3/50

Working principle of washer screw feeder with hopper :

As same as the regular screw conveyor,the washer screw feeder with hopper is designed and transported medium with water or the medium need be sprayed with water during working.

The screw feeder consists of main four parts, namely drive device, screw body, charge &

discharge chute,hopper . The screw body is made up of head bearing, tail bearing, screw flight, shell

body, cover and frame, etc. The drive device consists of gearbox, torquer coupling and frame.

This is how it works. When the axes with screw flight rotate in the chute, the bulk material feed

into the chute and screw flightwas hold back by the frication resistance acted on the wall of

chute during running, the screw flight push the material and make the material do axial

movement . The material can be discharged at the proper outlet at the bottom of chute or

transport out at the end of chute. LS screw feeder with simple construction which is able to feed

and discharge in many positions.It is easy to operate. It also has good seal capability and good to environment.

Waher screw feeder with hopper can be customized as per request .If any interes,contact us by e-mail or by phone. We welcome you and your clients to visit our factory.