We introduce two typical conveying equipment as below

- Feb 27, 2020-

(1)Wood chips conveying system.Wood chips are transported into hopper by belt conveyor . The hopper has a bottom screw conveyor which will receive and transport wood chips from the hopper ,then fed into a big silo whose volume is 660 cubic meters. In the big silo ,there set up an arch-breaking device which can prevent any bridging problems in the silo. At the bottom of silo ,there set up another two sets of screw conveyors that will transport wood chips to the inlet of pressure feeding coal machines. 

(2)Paper sludge conveying system. Paper sludge is transported by belt conveyor and discharging pipes to discharge the sludge into the received hopper . The re  is a bottom discharged screw conveyor at the bottom of hopper.The discharged screw conveyor transport paper sludge into big incline belt conveyor ,then fed into a storage silo whose volume is 166 cubic meters . The sludge silo has an agitator which rotates inside ,can ensure the smooth and continuous feeding . After discharged by this bottom screw conveyors,paper sludge will be transported by 3 sets of separate totally closed belt conveyors ,then fed into the middle inlet of screw conveyor that can discharge materials from both ends . At last ,paper sludge will be fed into kiln for burning.www.wxconveyor.com