What are features on snake shape chain scraper conveyor

- Mar 04, 2019-

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is widely applied in metallurgy,coal,mining,chemical,electric power,mechanical manufacturing and other industrial fields.It can carry various loosen materials and pieces of good as per horizontal or incline direction.Due to its bearing section and conveying section are made of metal materials separately, by comparing with other continuous conveyign equipment, snake shape chain scraper conveyor can convey much heavier,bigger particle and sharpening materials with high temperature by 600-700 centi degree.

Practice proves that snake shape chain scraper conveyor has strong adaptability ,which can be used for transporting loosen materials in powder,particle and loosen goods  without sticky,especially for materials with the big pieces of goods with sharp edges and corners and hot temperature. During whole transportng process, materials can be cooled or cleaned as per request.

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is a compact device. Its installation,commissioning and conveninent to repair. Chains are in correct structure with good rigidity and strong impact resistance. Its is used roller friction to replace the sliding friction,so there is low running resistance. If conveying distance is less than or equal to 30m,we can use loop chain or plate chain. If conveying distance is bigger than 30m,it needs use plate chains in order to prevent any sliding. If conveying distamce is between 30m to 50m, can use drive at both ends and chain is loop type.www.wxconveyor.com