What are technical advantage making belt conveyor be popular in conveying equipment

- Mar 02, 2018-

At present,belt conveyors are used widely in all kinds of fields .Because belt conveyor has some technical advantage as below:

As per needs,many production plants need conveying continuously.Such as convey coal for power plant,steel factory , cement factory and other loading & uploading ships in the harbor.Well,only belt conveyor can meet this requirement .Belt conveyor works reliably,it can continuously work by one after and another.

During working process on belt conveyors,materials and conveying belt is making relative movement.Therefore ,it is not only reduce the resistance on materials’ movement,but also little abrasion and small breaking with high production efficiency.These are good for reducing the power consumption of belt conveyors and save production cost.

And belt conveyor is flexible in application.The conveying distance can be made as per needs.For short distance,it is a few meters.For long distance,it is more than 10 Km.In addition,belt conveyor is not only can be installed in the small tunnel,but also can be put on the overhead of traffic road as well as dangerous place.

According to requirements of technical process,belt conveyors is flexible in discharging materials for one point and other points.Also can discharge materials for one section or other sections.If many points feed materials into the conveying belt or feeding materials evenly along the side of belt conveyors,belt conveyor becomes the one main conveying distributing line.

Beside the common materials’ conveying work,belt conveyors also can get materials from the laneway under the coal store.If necessary,belt conveyor can mix different materials .Materials can be discharged from the head,and can pass paddle mixer or mobile discharge car to discharge materials .http://www.wxconveyor.com/