What are the advantages of choosing a stainless steel screw conveyor?

- Apr 09, 2018-

Although there are many different types of screw conveyors, they can all be made of stainless steel, but they may be more expensive than other materials. However, the advantages of stainless steel screw conveyors are also quite obvious, and its range of transportation has also expanded a lot.


Due to the characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel screw conveyors are used for some acid-alkaline materials, so it will be mainly used in some areas with relatively high requirements such as sewage sludge treatment equipment in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, food or environmental protection projects.


In addition to the conveying function of the general screw conveyor, the stainless steel screw conveyor also has unique advantages in terms of cooling, constant temperature and corrosion resistance of the material being conveyed, such as conveying ammonium nitrate and other materials. When the stainless steel screw conveyor steam, is to keep the material at a certain temperature, not to make the temperature drop too fast; when the normal temperature water or other liquid is passed in, is to cool the material, so that the temperature dropped to the right Claim.


When the stainless steel screw conveyor material is 304, 321 or 316L, and other corrosion-resistant materials, this screw machine not only has the effect of heat insulation, but also has the function of anti-corrosion. Since the material to be conveyed by such a screw machine has a certain temperature and may be corrosive, the bearings at both ends must be external, not in direct contact with the material, and the requirements for sealing at both ends are also high.


These are the characteristics of the screw conveyor after selecting the stainless steel material, and its application scope in the actual operation, which meets many conveying requirements that cannot be achieved with ordinary conveyors. The more important thing is to ensure the quality of the materials being conveyed.http://www.wxconveyor.com/