What are the components for daily check on screw conveyors

- Jun 05, 2019-

Screw conveyor is suitable for transporting materials in building ,chemical,electricity,metallurgy,coal and food industry. Screw conveyor can convey materials in horizontally,incline and vertically. Materials’s temperature is less than 200 centi degree.

Must check the screw reguarly so as to reduce any loss which is caused of negligence.For example, check the flanges on inlets and outlets and do not allow any clearance; check whether the screw conveyor work stably or not ; ensure all fixed components are loosen or not ; check whether there is any oil leakage,abnormal noise and electricity is safe and reliable.

In addition,also need check whether any foreign and hard big pieces inside the screw conveyors,so as to avoid any blocking and cause the broken of screw conveyors. Check the conveying capacity and feed averagely,otherwise there will cause any blocking. Also check the filling capacity and whether any overloading on drive,because the overloading will make the whole machine break. Check the lubricating oil, add the oil if necessary.www.wxconve,com