What are the specific characteristics of heavy-duty buried scraper conveyors?

- Jun 27, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor can generally be divided into heavy, medium and light three, is the commonly used feeding equipment of the ore dressing plant. The heavy-duty buried scraper conveyor is a continuous transportation machinery widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials, ports, coal carbon and chemical industrial and mining enterprises, and is mainly used as a crusher, batching device or transportation from a storage bin or a transfer funnel. The continuous and uniform supply and transport of various large-scale heavy materials and abrasive bulk materials is one of the important and indispensable equipments for ore processing and continuous production.


As an auxiliary equipment for transport machinery, heavy-duty buried scraper conveyors are used in crushing and classifying workshops and cement and building materials departments in large-scale ore dressing plants, as a continuous and uniform material feeder for primary crushers, and also used for short-distance transport of granularity. Larger proportion of material.


This device can be installed either horizontally or diagonally with a maximum inclination of 12 degrees. In order to prevent the material from hitting the feeder directly, it is required that the silo does not appear to be empty. Under good working conditions, the heavy-duty buried scraper conveyor can transport materials or articles with sharp edges and sharp wear on the conveyor. The procedure density is not more than 2400kg/m3, and it is also suitable for conveying less than 400 °C below the high temperature material.


The layout of the heavy-duty buried scraper conveyor is very flexible. It can be driven left or right. The material can be transported horizontally or at an incline. Its tilt angle is 0≤a≤25°. Users can choose according to the actual site. And its traction chain has high strength and can be used for longer distances. The maximum conveying length of this product can reach 18m.


After practice has fully demonstrated that the heavy buried scraper conveyor is stable and reliable, and the noise is small; various types of heavy buried scraper conveyors are divided into right-hand drive and left-hand drive according to the transmission mode, and run along the direction of the material. The transmission system is The right side of the machine is a right-side drive, and the other side is a left-side drive, which satisfies the transportation requirements of materials in different fields.http://www.wxconveyor.com/