What are the types of screw conveyors and what are their respective characteristics

- Jun 26, 2018-

Spiral conveyor can be divided into different forms, tubular, slot, vertical and other several different forms of design and manufacturing methods, different types of screw transmission opportunities present different characteristics, which we are proficient in, so that users in the selection Comparison reference.


Due to the actual production needs of the user, the screw conveyor is designed as a tube screw conveyor, a trough screw conveyor and a vertical screw conveyor. What type of conveyor is specifically selected to see the user's actual use situation; the characteristics of the materials to be transported; the required output and other factors.


The first is the tube screw conveyor, which is made into a tubular body of the conveyor, so that the screw conveyor conveyor and delivery will be limited, so this model is suitable for small delivery volume, short distance The material delivery can achieve ideal delivery results.


The following is to introduce the slot screw conveyor, which can be designed according to the user's required delivery distance, and the delivery volume is much larger than the pipe screw conveyor, the transmission distance is also greater than the screw conveyor, so it is applicable For those materials that have a large volume of transport and long transport distances, they can also achieve material transport of less than 90 degrees.


The rest of the vertical screw conveyor, it is often used by the user for the vertical transport of materials, but its feed port is different from the general screw conveyor, it is mostly fixed use, you can also add a pulley, easy to move It is more convenient to use, and you do not need to disassemble it when you move it.


These are the characteristics of the more common forms of screw conveyors. They meet the requirements of different types of transport, but require the user to correctly select the appropriate screw conveyor according to actual requirements and conditions, so as to play its value.http://www.wxconveyor.com/