What are those factors to affect the working on screw conveyors

- Jan 10, 2020-

Conveying equipment means a tool to transport materials from one side to another side .

In the middle of 17th centuries , people used the aerial rope-way to transport the loosen bulk materials. In 1887 year, Arechimedes invented the screw conveyor and started to produce screw conveyors .Later,with the update technology and progress in improvement, screw conveyors are used in conveying materials in industrial fields.

Screw conveyor has simple structure, easy to operate and repair. During the development of national economy, screw conveyors become more and more popular in metallurgy,mining,power plant, building materials ( such as cement,concrete,sands,etc).In order to meet the changing conditions,screw conveyors are divided into many types as screw conveyor is updated and improved by people.

According to the transporting direction, it can be divided into horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor . 

According to the materials’ feature ,it can be divided into horizontal screw conveyor,vertical screw conveyor,flexible screw conveyor,tube screw conveyor,etc.

Among of them ,horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor are used widely.www.wxconveyor.com