What are working ways for screw conveyors

- Sep 25, 2018-

There exist many kinds of screw conveyors ,but their working ways are different .The first one screw conveyor’s working way is sliding down by gravity with slow speed.So materials will be affected much more than others.Shaft becomes move due to screw shaft is rotating amd materials sliding down along screw conveyor .

If filled too many materials,materials inside the screw conveyor can not fall down along screw face.Instead,materials will fall down as screw shaft rotates ,it can not get the larger speed.Obviously it can not be used to transport materials upwards.

The second one is sliding down way. In this way,materials are in free condition which can roll down by theirselves.Materials almost do not get any extrusion. Such working way is suitable for materials that are easy to be caked and sharpening. If adopting the standard screw,it is not only keep the fast speed to slide down ,but also can endure the incling trasnporting materials.

The third one is discharged materials through bottom which will make screw conveyor working with pushing method.Because materials often are fulled inside the screw ,granules materials can get more static pressure.Each granule’s gravitity is smaller than other forces. It is used screw rotation to push screw moving along shaft .

Besides,centrifugal induction method is a common working way in screw conveyors .This way is often suitable for screw conveyor with large incline degree or any high speed screw conveyors.Its working feature is that loosen materials get much more centrifugal force than other forces by high speed.http://www.wxconveyor.com/