What factors need to be considered when screw conveyor is conveying materials in life

- Feb 15, 2020-

Although screw conveyors are with many good points, we need pay more attention to choosing the suitable screw conveyors to transport materials .

First, Materials’ water content.If material contains high much water ,materials will be stuck inside the screw blade and shafts and bottom of shell. Need clean and remove these blocking materials now and then .

Second,Materials’ temperature,sharpness and causticity.In the short conveying distance, temperature,sharpness and causticity has little effection on the screw conveyor pipe. 

Third, Conveyor’s installation place.Screw conveyor must be installed at the stable and good sealing place,especially for the u shape screw conveyor. The shell has certain sealing . If the conveyor is installed outside doors, it may affect the transporting performance. Besides, at the existing strict environment, no matter what aspects from the factory or society, screw conveyors must be installed at the suitable place.

Fourth, Screw blade.

Different materials’ need different screw blade : the solid screw flight, cutting screw flight,ribbon screw flight ,etc.

Fifth, Screw conveyor speed.Horizontal Screw conveyor speed shall not be too faster. Usually the screw diameter is 500mm, screw speed shall not beyond 50rpm.Vertical screw conveyor and incline screw conveyor’s speed need faster than horizontal screw conveyor . 

Sixth, Screw conveyor’s outer diameter. Under the certain technical data confirmed, materials are moved inside .The moving speed becomes bigger as the screw outer diameter become bigger. When choose the screw conveyor, we must determine the suitable screw blade and rotation shaft. The larger the diameter, the better the effect .For the open screw conveyor,screw outer diameter will increase the manufacturing cost and is not good for cooling .Besides, it is unnecessary to choose the integer multiple of 500.

Seventh, screw conveyor’s pitch.Screw pitch’s size is relationship with screw conveyor’s speed. Screw pitch also has relationships with screw outer diameter. Screw diameter is large, the screw outer diameter is larger. Once confirmed the screw outer diameter, then choose the suitable screw pitch .

Eighth, screw conveyors’ feeding ways .There are typically 2 types of feeding ways : horizontal feeding and gravity feeding. The horizontal feeding refers to by the way of air or horizontal screw conveyor to make materials and granules with horizontal speed, through the horizontal diversion device to put materials at the feeding points to wait for being conveyed. The gravity feeding way refers to materials are through the gravity direction to fall down,then by the way of diversion device to put materials at the feeding points.www.wxconveyor.com