What is choosing principle on screw conveyor with swing rod

- Mar 01, 2018-

Comparing other regular screw conveyors,screw conveyor with swing rod has been increased a sway device which is good for pushing materials forward and realize the high efficiency transporting process.Besides,it is necessary to refer to past experience during choose type of screw conveyors with sway rod.

First,judging the conveying capacity on screw conveyor with sway rod is to calculate the materials’ capacity in one unit .During conveying loosen materials,calculate the mass or volume as per hour.During conveying big packed goods,calculate the package by piece as per hour.

When screw conveyor with sway rod work with straight line vibrating screen,rotary vibrating screen,supersonic wave oscillating screen and other vibrating screen,it need to calculate the feeding capacity of vibrating screen.Before design and make,most conveyors need consider whether screw conveyor with sway rod will be equipped with other equipment.In this way, it will be easy to choose a reasonable model on conveyors.

Secondly,how to choose the speed of screw conveyor with sway rod?If use conveying belt as drag parts and conveyor’s length is too long,conveying speed is more and more bigger .Must pay attention to the problems on vibrating,noise ,start up and braking,etc.If use chains as drag parts,conveying speed shall be small in order to avoid any increasing power duty.At the same time,conveying speed is subject to the production technology for other feeding conveyors.

At last,component’s size is one of the factors for choosing screw conveyor with sway rod,including conveying belt size,plate width,hopper’s volume,pipe diameter and size of vessels.These components size affect directly equipment’s conveying ability.

Conveying length and incline degree also decide directly the total resistance and all needed power.So customers must specify these using condition to make sure all machines will meet the actual transporting requirements.http://www.wxconveyor.com/