What is excellence on snake shape chain scraper conveyor

- Mar 28, 2019-

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor has smooth conveying surface with small friction. Materials can be transported stably during conveying lines. Snake shape scraper conveyor can transport glass bottles,PET bottles and cans. Also snake shape scraper conveyor can be used to transport the raw materials for kinds of bags,cartons,etc. Usually customer choose stainless steel ,carbon steel and titanium materials to make the snake shape conveyors. As per different demands on conveying materials and technology,snake chain scraper conveyor has different structures so as to meet the requirements.

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor has large conveying capacity,so it can undertake larger loading. For example,some industries such as electrical car,motorcycle and motors  need accurate conveying rate,it can ensure accurate conveying speed. Snake shape chain scraper conveyor often can be washed by water or be immersed into water. Easy to clean ,snake shape chain scraper conveyor can meet requirements on foods and drinks fields.

 Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is a flexible equipment. It can complete in conveying horizontally,incline and vertically. Its loading surface is standard scrapers. Its’ power comes from motor &gearbox.

In addition,snake shape chain scraper conveyor can be single column with low speed so that get storage space. It can feeding materials into sterilizer,storage table, cold bottle machine.