What is the feeding ways on bucket elevator

- Apr 08, 2019-

 Vertical bucket elevator is applied into many fields. In the component of bucket elevator,there exist many systems .Among of them,today we introduce the feeding system and crushed glass recycling system. There exist some difference between feeding process due to feeding materials are different.

For example,if using small bucket elevator system to transport coal powder,use small truck by labor to carry raw coal powder from warehouse to raw materials’ workshop,then elevate to the roof of building by electrical hoist,at last,discharging into warehouse by labor. Other small feeding systems,the principle is that people carry coal powder from warehouse to small batching ingredients room,next people weigh coal powder,then elevate coal powder by electrical hoist to the warehouse. During the batching process,people can add materials into belt conveyor or mixers.

For silica sands’ system,it is fed materials by loaders ,and discharged into small hopper,then convey into bucket elevator by belt conveyor, Put them into warehouse after screening.Use forklift to carry the bagged soda ash,thenardite from warehouse to raw materials workshop. Workers discharge the bagged soda ash and thenardite into bucket elevators. Then elevating them into hexagonal siever for screening.www.wxconveyor.com