What is the unique design of grain lift barrel than previous lift

- Jan 16, 2018-

The grain lifting barrel mentioned here is actually also a kind of hoisting machine which can meet the requirement of grain raising in the production stage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and is usually used as the connecting device between various devices. So it compared with the previous hoist, what is the difference?


Due to the selection of cereals during the process of color selection, de-intermingling, drying and storage, the grain elevating barrels with high lifting height and stable operation should be specially designed under the premise of introducing advanced design concepts.


The hopper of the cereal lifting barrel can belong to the hopper mouth upwards in any position, and is provided with the guide of the whole polymer guide rail so that the hopper is relatively stable during the operation; and the backfeeding position adopts the built-in backfeeding device, and the full flexibility The design avoids the collision between the hoppers and the abrasion between the hopper and the guide rail, and indirectly prolongs the service life of the hopper.


There are many design and installation of the grain elevating bucket to install the maintenance door, easy maintenance and adjustment; and its design to make up for the traditional bucket elevator material damage and can not be cleaned defects; structure of various forms, any model can be installed Point out of the device, the material can be anywhere in the material distribution control.


The material temperature of the cereal lifting barrel can meet the temperature of 0-400 degrees Celsius and the lifting height can be from 2-25 meters. It is the first choice of various seeds lifting equipment such as corn seeds and grain seeds, prevents the seeds from being damaged in production and processing, Sowing material and other circumstances, to achieve a seed-free bucket elevator, yield significantly increased.http://www.wxconveyor.com/