What’s rotary valve with airlock or lock valve

- Apr 01, 2020-

What is the rotary valve with airlock ?  or the lock valve ? Lock also can be called close,meaning not allowed to be got through.Air actually refers to the air inside the valve .Valve means this rotary valve belong to the mechanic valves . Therefore, lock valve or airlock rotary valve are close the air outside the valve . So airlock rotary valve is called air closed device or lock valve . Now let’s introduce a variety of lock valves to you .

1Most time airlock rotary valve is used in pneumatic conveying system. For the pressure output conveying system and negative conveying system, airlock rotary valve also can feed materials evenly and continuously,so as to ensure the enough air and stable solids inside the air pipe.Then make sure the air conveying system work normally as well as close the air from the rotary valve. Thus, airlock rotary valve is one of the most important in the air conveying system.

The airlock rotary valve also can be used to collect materials system. As the discharging device of silo or hopper,usually airlock rotary valve is one of the important equipment in the dedusting system.Airlock rotary valve is specially applied in powder,small particles,which are very popular in environmental,metallurgy,chemical,foods,cement,construct the road,drier equipment,etc.www.wxconveyor.com