Working principle of double cone helix mixer

- Oct 24, 2020-

There are 2 pcs of asymmetrical helix shafts inside the cone of mixer ,rotate and hoist materials upwards ,the swing arm make revolutions ,which push the materials to reach inside the cone step by step ,so as to enlarge materials’ spread around the cone. The two kinds of hoisted materials gather together in the center ,then combine into one material flow down,supplement the empty space at the bottom. Thus ,it will become a triple mixing effect of connection circulation . The standard cone helix mixer machine has two mixing shafts . In the actual application , we should choose the single mixing shaft( a long screw shaft ) or double mixing shafts( a long screw shaft + a shore screw shaft,both of them are asymmetrical )pr tripe mixing screw shafts ( two shafts are short + one shaft is long ,which are symmetrical ) as per equipment’s dimensions. Theoretically ,the more mixing shafts ,the better of the mixing effects .