Working principles on screw conveyors

- Jul 20, 2019-

There exist many types of conveyors. Among of them is screw conveyor.Only knows how to operate screw conveyors can we reach our goals on conveying.

1. Does the screw conveyor’s manufacturer make any certifications ? How to ensure the product’s quality .

Actually there need some necessary certifications for screw conveyors’ manufacturers. Such as ISO9001,CE,ISO18000,ISO14001. These certifications can improve the competition of manufacturers in the market. Thus,we must be serious in making certifications. If you want to ensure the quality,we shall takes steps as below : 1. Use the best quality to fabricate ,combine the suitbale technology and machining equipment; 2. Make inspection before delivery. Do not deliver any goods if there exist some defects.

2. What is the conveying principle on vertical screw conveyor and big incline degree screw conveyor ?

Vertical or incline screw conveyor ,or screw conveyor with high speed,its working principle are : due to materials are between two mediums,with high rotation speed,the bulk materials get  larger centrifugal force than its gravity and other foreign force.Then convey materials by centrifugal force. This working principle is also called centrifugal