Z type vertical bucket elevator to transport tea

- Nov 01, 2019-

Z type vertical bucket elevator is designed and completed on the basis on advanced technology ,which is a sucessful new type conveying equipment.Such z type vertical bucket elevator are sold more than 30 sets . All of them are applied in lithium battery fields, metallurgy, chemical industry and chemical fertilizer .

Features :  Z type vertical bucket elevator is conveyed all kinds of loosen and no sticky solid materials. It has lower horizontal conveying distance,upper conveying distance and vertical height. Flexible layout and less land occupation which can save factory sapce,so as to reduce the digging pits. During conveying with materials , the z type bucket elevator are running safe and reliable, stable and no noise. No materials leakage, no flying dust ,easy to dismantle and repair ,it is an ideal conveying euipment.

Buckets : usually buckets are made of plastic materials,if materials are with 100 centi degree, we can use stainless steel bucket and carbon steel bucket .

Chains : can be made of plastic ,carbon steel and stainless steel.

Working capacity : 1m3/hour to 8m3/hour

Conveying distance : 5m to 30m

Speed : below 0.32m/s


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