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We have been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company in 1993.Screw conveyor is one of the best conveyors to transport powder,particle and granules .Screw conveyor is divided into shafted screw ( see pic 1) and shaftless...
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We have been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company in 1993.Screw conveyor is one of the best conveyors to transport powder,particle and granules .Screw conveyor is divided into shafted screw ( see pic 1)  and shaftless screw ( see pic 2)  .

●  image002.jpgPic 1   .standard sectional flight screw : most common. Used to convey a wide variety of products

●  image004.jpgPic 2  .shaftless Screw : Similar to ribbon screws,used for conveying sticky,gummy or viscous substances,or where the material tends to stick to the flighting at the pipe.Also used with stringy products that would typically wrap around the screw pipe .

And shaftless screw conveyor is our topic here .


Shaftless screw conveyor is made up of trough casing, cover, shaftless screw flight, liner, end plate, gland  packing, bearing and geared motor. There is no solid shaft inside the casing .


Shaftless screw conveyor Details

MOQ : 1 set

Original : Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,China ( one hour by high speed train from Shanghai to Wuxi )

Certification : CE,ISO9001-2000

Voltage : 200V-660V,as per request

Payment Term : T/T or L/C

Packing :export plywood case or steel frame

Market : Europe,South-Asia,North America,South America,Eastern Asia,Oceania,etc.

Cooperating Customers: Angel Yeast, Super Coffee,Haitian Sauce,Saint-Gobain ,Invista,Ingevity Performance


Shaftless screw conveyor‘s photo


Shaftless screw conveyor’s outline drawing


Regular technical data form on shaftless screw conveyors

Screw   Diameter

200 mm

250 mm

300 mm

Screw Pitch

100-150 mm


280 mm



17 rpm

25 rpm

Motor Power

3 kw,frequency type

5.5kw,motor is explosive proof and frequency

7.5 kw



10 M3/H

30 M3/H

Transport Length

4500 mm

6500 mm


Transport Direction



Incline ;

Incline degree is 15-200

Regular outsourced parts--brand is chose by customers

Motor brand

Chinese:   Nanyang,Wolong

Germany: SEW,NORD

Gearbox brand


Germany:SEW NORD

Bearing brand



Gland Packing’s brand


Japanese:   Valqua,Nichias

Cylinder ‘s brand



Germany: Festo

Speed Sensor’s brand


Germany : IFM,P+F

Load Cell’s brand


United States :   METTLER TOLEDO

Working principle

1.shaftless screw conveyor adopts no shaft revolving inside the casing, little touching materials’ size,low friction,no blocking or twine.

2.Sludge will be fed into feeding point, then pushed by screw flight to the discharging point, at last complete the transporting process.

3.Screw flight is strong thick to push sludge or other materials, long time for usage. Support base is made of U shape, strong strength, with detachable cover so as to watch the working condition of sludge inside shaftless screw conveyor .

4.There will be some liners which is fixed inside the bottom of casing. Liners are made of steel or plastic .Most time we choose hard wearing materials to do liners .Such as nylon and UPE. Nylon is more cheaper .UPE is more reliable for withstand wearing working .


1.Usually the shaftless screw conveyor will work more than 2 years at least on condition that there is no quality problem .

2.Complete set of shaftless screw conveyor’s using time is no less than 10 years .

3.Make annual check as per year .Electrical components’ using time is no less than 2 years.Motro &gearbox’s using time is no less than 10 years .Bearing’s using time is no less than 2 year .


Feeding ,discharging and mixing for conveying sticky, gummy or viscous substances, or where the material tends to stick to the flighting at the pipe or shaft.

Installation Request on Job site

 1.Installation base shall be completed in advance ( at least 20 days before shaftles screw conveyor  arrival).Such installation base shall have enough ability to support and can guarantee shaftless screw conveyor will not sink and change because of the over small installation base. And ensure there are enough stability to support the  shaftless screw conveyor

2.Must clean any dust or dirty points on shaftless screw conveyors.Clean out all dust and dirty points during packing or shipping .

3.Can put some asbestos between machine casing and flanges,so as to adjust the deviation on shaftless screw conveyor’s length.


Avoid any hard and big bulk material inside the transported materials,so as to prevent shaftelss screw conveyor jamming.

Check regularly each component ‘s working condition on shaftless screw conveyor .Pay attention to any loosing  fastener. If find the loosing fasteners, tight them up and fix them well .

Package and Shipping

By export plywood case or steel frame, suitable for shipping by sea .

If there is no any urgent request, all shaftless screw conveyors are shipped by sea .




1.We will send manual book with specification to the final buyer .Final buyer will install and maintain the shaftless screw conveyor as per manual book .

2.Can send engineers to give instructions about installation work on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per the actual time on job site .

3.Can send engineers to train workers on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per actual time on job site .

4.Can send workers to install screw feeder conveyors as per contract .Installation cost will be included in the contract .

5.Can provide quick wear material if necessary .

Warranty Period

12 months subject to the date of start up on job site or 18 months subject to the date of delivery ,whichever occurs first .Wuxi Changrong will undertake all quality problem which comes from screw feeder conveyors during warranty period. If the problem is caused by incorrectly operation or other extra foreign forces, Wuxi Changrong will solve the problem and collect the economical cost from buyers .

How to send us a correct inquiry

1.what is feature on transported materials ? good flow or bad flow ? wet or dry

2.Bulk density of transported materials =?Kg/m3

3.Transport capacity = ?M3/h

4.Transport length= ?M

5.Conveyor is horizontal,incline or vertical

6.Conveyor is made of stainless steel 304 or carbon steel

7.Voltage at your location .in China,it is 380V,50HZ,3PH.

8.Which seaport is near to you ?


(1) Q:Can I get English Drawing and documents?

A:Yes,you can . Wuxi Changrong can interpret quickly and communicate accurately for international technology documents .

(2)Q: How can i know the working process when i am at abroad ?

A:Wuxi Changrong will update fabricating schedule & weekly report as per week .Photos or videos will be enclosed on weekly report .So you will know the status of equipment elsewhere in the world.

(3)Q: Can engineers or workers go to job site after sales ?

A:Yes,we can send engineers or workers to site if necessary .

(4) Q:Can I visit Wuxi Changrong factory?

A:Certainly .Wuxi Changrong locates in Wuxi , one hour by high speed train from Shanghai . We welcome customers from all over world to visit our factory. Just give us a call ,then we tell you the specific traffic way . Just call us now.


Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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Wuxi Jiangsu Province 

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