Bi-directional Screw Conveyors Are Installed On Site

- Apr 28, 2019-

This bi-direction screw conveyors are made up of 4 pcs of separate shafted screw conveyors with motor & gearbox.Adopt the double sealings at the shaft ending . No hanger bearing in the middle. 


Each screw conveyor’s transporting capacity is 8 tons per hour.

Each screw conveyors’ diameter is 250mm.

The screw pitch ranges from 160mm to 250mm.

The final packing size is 6300Lx1660Wx600H .

The net weight is 3000kgs .

Outline drawing:



Bi-directional screw conveyors are installed under a big silo. Transported materials are para-ester which is a grey white powder.Its chemical formula is C8H11O6NS2.

Para-ester is an important intermediate of reactive dyes which is used in the synthesis of EF type.


Screw shaft is easy to be dismantled from the screw frames.Somes screw conveyors’ photo from job site is for a view.