Bring In Some New Lathes And Laser Cutting Machine In The Workshop

- Jul 16, 2019-

Previously,there only some small lathes .


These small lathes can machine cover of gland packing box, flanges,head shaft and other small components.

For large size,we need out-sourcing .

As per fabrication request,Wuxi Changrong purchased a new lathe whose length is about 8m .See below photos :

Workers are busy in assembling and fixing the new lathe at its position.


With the new lathe,some machining work can be done in the workshop,so as to save cost and time.

Meanwhile, Wuxi Changrong also bought a new set of laser cutting machine. See photos as below :


With these machines, wuxi changrong provide many reliable screw conveyors to the world.