Built-up Welding Is Applied In Screw Flights

- May 01, 2019-

Screw flights are used widely in mechanic fields,which is the basic componet on screw extruders,screw conveyor,screw dewater machines.Screw flight is welded on seamless pipe. Due to screw flight are touched with materials directly, screw flights are under attacked,worn out from force of materials,so screw flights are very easy to be worn out.Customers need replace screw flights now and then.

As technology develops fastly today,we have found a new welding materials which can protect screw flight from being worn out soon.The new welding materials areSTEIN/MF A 760 which is imported from Germany.It has strong ability of wear resistant.

Wuxi Changrong can make built-up welding materials by STEIN/MF A760 into screw flights’s push face as well as screw flights’ edge.The built-up welding thickness is made as per request.www.wxconveyor.com