Chairman And Technician Go To CTCI Beijing Co., Ltd For Bidding On Screw Conveyors

- Nov 28, 2019-

On the early morning 29th November,2019, Chairman and Technician went Beijing by airplane to bid for a project on screw conveyors in CTCI Beijing Co., Ltd .

From designing ,technical classification and commercial quotation , we followed this project since 2018. These screw conveyors are used to transport BP Powder,EBA materials,mixed material like EBA+LSMA+AOP, Working scope includes : .

1.inlet, chute, bolts, nuts and gasket connecting with silo .

2.Proximity switch type speed monitor, mounted shaft rotation at non-driven end.

3.The access handhole shall be provided above the discharge point,

4.Inlet & outlet hopper per data sheet.

5.Screw conveyor casing and all necessary internal parts

6.Drain and vent nozzles with valves and blank flanges.

7.Pickling & passivation and degrease for stainless steel.

9.Protection and export packing for transportation and at least 3 months outdoor storage.

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