Chairman Of Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company Visit Foshan Haitian Sauce

- Aug 20, 2019-

On 19th August,2019, Mr Wang ,chairman of wuxi changrongconveying machinery ,visiting Foshan Haitian office in Guangzhou . Mr Wang mainly discussed with Haitian engineering about the details on screw conveyors and other conveying equipment.


In order to produce the famous and excellent sauce, the first thing is to choose the best reliable equipment. Wuxi Changrogn Conveying Machinery Company is honored to design and make some conveying equipment for food companies. Such as Huiyuan juice,Haitian Sauce, Milk powder,etc.Most time customers choose screw conveyor to transport these food flavoring goods.

Let’s take some photo as example as below :

(1) Polished ribbon mixing screw flight with conveyor applied in soy sauce: screw diameter is 400mm,inside polished into 400 meshes.


(2) Horizontal screw extruder is applied in yeast cakes in Russian and Zambia.