Chemical PPS Granules’ Sucessful Loading Test By Screw Conveyors

- Nov 16, 2018-

As it is known to all,screw conveyors are good at in transporting powder,particle and granules .


Before ordering screw conveyors, customers may have doubts : whether screw conveyor is a good choice to transport their materials . Wuxi Changrong advise and invite them to bring their materials to Changrong workshop to make run test with materials by existing screw conveyors.



Today customers from Solvay reached Changrong workshop to witness the run test with materials .Their materials are PPS granules.Mose of them are fine powder.A small portion of them are hard granules.Moreover,the powder polymer is bad flowing, dry,  and non corrosive, contain small stone sometimes.


After test and discussion with Solvay team,Wuxi Changrong team is confident in providing equipemnt for Solvay which is an advanced materials and speciality chemicals company.