Cooperation With ANDRITZ On Large Conveying Equipment

- Jan 02, 2020-

Andritz business range from water power plant,paper pulp,metal separation equipment,etc. Recently wuxi changrong conveying machinery company made efforts to pass the audit by ANDRITZ for inspection factory and got good scores .

Then Wuxi changrong can attend the quotation for designing and supplying equipment for ANDRITZ.

On 2nd Jan,2020, Mr Wang Hongmen and Engineer Mr Xu took plane to Guangzhou ,to make technical clarifications .These conveying equipments are big dimensions with heavy dutys. Wuxi Changrong has much experience in design and make chain scraper conveyor and screw conveyor with heavy duties.


Changrong takes some measures to improve the management in the workshop

In order to meet the requirements of customers inspection needs,wuxi changrong hired the specialized management company to give advice and help .Thus,each screw conveyor or bucket elevator are under strict making process insection before delivery.


Due to each equipment is customized , it needs much time and efforts to put tools,machine parts, half completed products in good orders.


First, must make a clear mark for each working section :Raw materials section, halt completed products,completed products.


Second,wear the necessary glasses on maching work. Thrid, write inspection records down for each process .


Discussing about the screw feeder

Screw feeder is widely used in building,metallurgy,chemical ,machinery,light industry,grain and foods industries. Screw feeder is suitable for transporting powder,granules,small bulk materials,such as cement,coal ash powder,grain,fertilizer,sands, and soad ash,etc. Screw feeder is not suitable for transporting perishable materials, big viscosity and caking products.


Screw feeder’s working condition usually is below 20 centi degree to 40 centi degree. The conveyed materials’ normal temperature is below 20 centi degree and 80 centi degree. U trough screw feeder is good for horizontal and small incline feeding ,the small inclining degree is less than 15. If the incline degree is bigger than 15 degree, we need choose GX series tube screw feeders. Or discuss with our engineers to make a specialized on the incline screw feeder. Most time, screw feeder has following models : screw diameter : 100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,315mm,350mm,400mm,500mm and 600mm. The standard speed is 20rpm,30rpm,40rpm,60rpm,90rpm,120rpm and 150rpm. The length of screw feeder is starting from 1meter to 30 meters. Customer can choose the length as per request . Screw feeder’s structure is free and flexible to meet various request in life. Good sealing ,safety operation ,convenient and reliable ,moreover, screw feeder can be set up with multi-feeding inlet point and multi-discharging outlet.


Screw feeder’s head bearing and tail bearing are outside the shell ,so as to prevent the screw feeder’s sealings are broken from reaching foreign dust,and improve the using life . The aim of using hang bearing is with anti dust sealing device. Use the sliding block to connect the hang shaft and screw shaft . When dismantle the screw feeder, it is not necessary to remove the drive motor from the u shape screw feeder . When dismantle the hang bearing, do not need remove screw feeder,either.

Working principle of screw feeder : when screw shaft rotating, under the force from materials’ gravity & friction with the shell, such force to make materials only be moved forward along the bottom of screw trough with push of screw blade. It looks like the screw nut (which can not be rotated ) is rotating along the screw rod.