Customers From Baerlocher In Germany To Discussing Business

- May 18, 2019-

Customers from Baerlocher in Germany to discussing business

    Baerlocher is famous for producing additives. It has high requirements in metal fabricating quality and welding process. For example,all stainless steel must be authentic and surface treatment must be polished well. In China,wuxi changrong design and make screw feeders for baerlocher factory in Changzhou .In addition,wuxi changrong also export screw feeders to baerlocher factory in Malaysia.


These screw feeders’ conveying distance ranges from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters.

    On 18th May,Mr Gunnar and his colleagues visited Changrong in Wuxi .General manager of Mr Jiang introduced and showed company information and some fabricating process to them. From buying materials to the screw conveyors’ delivery,wuxi changrong has a complete flowchart and inspection records .For example, when materials reach factory,besided the materials’ certificate,we will make PMI test on each kind of material . When the material is approved,fabricating work will be started. Each component’s material can be traced.Customers are very pleased with Changrong product .Changrong will receive the inquiry from them