Customers From Dubai To Discuss Large Screw Conveyor’s Business

- Sep 19, 2019-

 Customer’s request :

Horizontal screw conveyor is used to transport wet beet pulps whose water contains about 89% but dry substance content is 11%. The capacity reaches 906 tons per hour. The conveying length reaches 34m to 40m.The wet beet pulps’ size is ø 6mm *60mm.

We showed some photos about the large screw conveyors to customer .Then we took him to visit the fabrication workshop. There exist some long screw conveyors with hanger bearings . 



Meanwhile, customer also watched the running video of large screw conveyor on computer.He is very satisfied with the fabrication technology and conveyor’s performance.


Previously wuxi changrong has designed and made screw conveyor whose diamter is 1250mm. So we have confindence in designing and making large screw conveyor for customer in Dubar to transport the wet beet pulps.