Customers From Sichuan PPS Chemical Company To Visit Changrong Workshop

- May 15, 2019-

PPS ,its full name is polyphenylenesulphide ,which is a kind of thermoplastic special engineering plastic with excellent overall performance.Its outstanding feature is endure high temperature and corrosion resistance.Meanwhile, PPS granules are used widely in chemical industry and pharmaceutical fields.Engineer Mr Xu is introducing the drag chain conveyor for transporting PPS granules to customers. The drag chainc onveyor is made up of chain,scraper and shell. It can transport PPS granule from lower horizontal to vertical height,then lift to the high horizontal section .


The incline angle is designed as per request. This design can save space and cost for customers.


Beside the drag chain conveyor,we also can use screw conveyors to transport pps granules.Customer can add some chemical materials together with pps materials during conveyign and