Customers From Singapore To Discuss The Conveying Equipment To Transport Wet Sludge

- Jul 04, 2018-

As times goes on,more and more industries pay attention to be friendly to environment because there is only one earth.Most cases are about how to deal with sludge in the process of improving environment.

Wuxi Changrong’s conveying equipment are applied in many environmental projects .Such as cooling screw conveyor and feed screw conveyor to kiln for project in Hamamatsu city in Japan, shaftelss screw conveyor to transport sludge in Thailand,shafted screw conveyor to transport kitchen waste in Singapore,drag chain conveyor to transport the various sludge in Malaysia.

On 2nd July,customers from Singapore visited Changrong to discuss the equipment to transport wet sludge .The wet sludge will be fed into the vertical hopper,then the hopper will discharge wet sludge into drag chain conveyor. The problem is that the wet sludge is sticky and it is easy to be adhered on casing,chains,etc.See the wet sludge photo as below :


How to solve this problem ?

Changrong engineering team discussed and got a good idea :” to set up a slide gate valve under the hopper.Design some device to scrape sludge which are adhered inside the hopper.” Singapore customer are very happy to hear this news and agree to purchase such equipment.