Definition Of Scraper Conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

With the scraper chain traction, the conveyor in the trough to transport bulk material is called scraper conveyor. KS Scraper Conveyor Scraper conveyor of the adjacent middle groove in the horizontal, vertical surface can have a limited bending of the call can be curved scraper conveyor. The fuselage in the face 1 and transport roadway intersection at 90 degrees of bending set the face conveyor called "Corner scraper Conveyor." In the current coal mining face, the role of scraper conveyor is not only to transport coal and materials, but also the operation of the Shearer, so it becomes a modern coal mining technology indispensable major equipment. 

Scraper Conveyor function to maintain continuous operation, production can be normal. Otherwise, the whole coal mining face will be discontinued state, so that the entire production interruption.