Engineers And Sales Managers Attended China International Import Expo

- Nov 22, 2019-

On 8th November morning, Wuxi Changrong send engineers and sales person to attend the China International Import Expo.

During the CIIE,we viewed many advanced and automatic equipment,especially the automatic welding machine.


For conveying equipments, at present, we use metal inert gas arc welding ,metal active gas arc welding ,submerged arc welding and gas metal arc welding.

We make full welding on both sides on screw flights.The welding wire are used the best quality one in the market.

And we have dry records for the welding wires.

Next Month,Changrong will import an automatic welding machine from abroad,so as to save labor cost and improve the welding productiveness.

With more and more automatic producing equipment,changrong conveying machinery factory will produce more and more customized screw conveyors, chain conveyors ,rotary feeders for customers .