Factory Audit From LAFARGE HOLCIM

- Sep 01, 2020-

Screw conveyors are used to transport building materials ,such as cement, gyspum plate,aggregate materials, concrete and other materials . For us ,we design and make screw conveyors for many famous foreign enterprise. Such as Saint-Gobain, Lafarge Holcim, USG Boral Gyspum,etc.

Before cooperating with these companies, they need do factory audit first . The factory audit starts from visiting workshop :

(1) Whethter stainless steel materials are stored separately from carbon steel materials .

Answer : yes,the stainless steel equimpment is separated from carbon steel equipment. There exist the two workshops ,one is stainless steel workshop ,the other one is carbon steel workshop.

(2) Whether there make the protection when welding products .

Answer : yes, we put a sheet screen to separate the walking way and the welding working platform.

(3) Whether there list the process equipment’s maintenance records .

Answer : yes, each records list are stuck on the wall which is close to the process equipment.

(4) Does each working platform with the operation instruction book

Answer : yes , each working platform with the operation instruction book.

(5) Are there monitoring systems for environment condition, such as temperature, humidity ?

Answer : yes , there exist hygrometer and thermometer.

(6) Are there documented procedures for defining inspection and test methods which complies with product specifications?

Answer: yes. We keep the inspection records for each test .

When deliver goods ,we will put the manual book ,inspection records,qualified certificate with screw conveyrs .